flatliner articulated streamer

Flatliner Articulated Streamer Fly Pattern

A BRAND NEW articulated streamer from Kelly Galloup. The Flatliner is a horizontally (is that a word) flat profiled fly…..cool stuff!

Rear Hook:
Hook – Gamakatsu Sp11 3L3H #2 https://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.ph…
Tail – Schlappen https://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.ph…
Flash – Flashabou https://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.ph…
Body – Polar Chenille https://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.ph…
Wing – Marabou https://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.ph…

Front Hook:
Hook – Gamakatsu B10s #1 https://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.ph…
Body – Polar Chenille
Wing – Marabou
Body – Polar Chenille
Head/Wing – Marabou
Head – Laser Dub https://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.ph…
Eyes – Flymen Eyes https://www.feather-craft.com/wecs.ph…

Elk River BC Canada Fly Fishing

Elk River In BC Canada For Fly Fishing

The Elk River system in the Southeastern corner of British Columbia is a fantastic destination for fly fishing. Your target species are westslope cutthroat trout, bull trout and mountain whitefish. Last summer, we had the opportunity to drift down this beautiful stream with our Outcast Power Drifters and catch some trout on our dry flies.

True Happiness Is Steelhead And Wild Salmon

Healthy Environment Means Steelhead And Wild Salmon

Fly Fishing for Wild Salmon & Steelhead to Prove that Happiness is Connected to Healthy Environments | Cast Northwest with Captain Quinn
1.Fly fishing for wild salmon and steelhead 2.Exploring wild places 3.Interacting with incredible people who are living lifestyles that honour their connection to this planet. Follow Captain Quinn on his journey to explore the connection between happiness and a healthy environment.

Photographing Fish

Photographing Fish The Proper Way

Here’s a few simple tips on how to best hold a fish and get a great photograph, without harming the fish.
There’s a lot of debate right now about photographing fish. Like most topics that get blown out of proportion on the internet, this debate is riddled with sensationalized accusations and disinformation. I’ve written about holding fish for photographs but I thought a short video showing how simple and noninvasive it can be would be a big help.

First, I’d like to clarify my stance on the subject. When done properly, I do not see any harm in photographing a fish. Fish are injured by poor handling, not cameras. I have two serious problems with the ‘no photo’ argument. First, it simply doesn’t address the problem. If anglers are mishandling fish, they are doing so while landing them and unhooking them with or without a photo. Demonizing the camera does nothing to stop this and doesn’t save fish. What we should be doing is educating anglers on ethical fish handling. Secondly, the photograph is the bargain that makes catch-and-release fishing work. Whether you like it or not there are simply a lot of anglers who require proof of their catch. It’s much better to give them a photo than a corpse.

Wolverine Salmon Tube Fly Pattern

Wolverine Salmon Tube Fly Pattern

Thread, Veevus 10/0 Black
Tag, Large Silver Holographic Tinsel
Rib, Large Oval Silver Tinsel
Body, Larva Lace Salmo Supreme-Hot Lime and Rainbow Black Dubbing
Wing, Back Silver Fox, Blue Metallic Flash, Chartreuse and Black Goat
Hackle, Silver Fox Body Hair Dyed Black
Eyes, Jungle Cock Natural or Dyed
Head, Larva Lace Salmo Supreme- Rainbow Black

Fly Fishing Henry's Fork River in Idaho

Henry’s Fork River Fly Fishing In Idaho

Fly Fishing in Idaho, Montana, and Yellowstone with Mike Lawson & Henry’s Fork Anglers. Experience the vast fly fishing opportunities of the Henry’s Fork Region. We guide on the waters of the Henry’s Fork and South Fork of the Snake River in Idaho, Yellowstone Park the Madison River, Hebgen Lake and other waters in Montana. We have some of the most experienced Guides in the Rocky Mountains. Rich History and Continued Excellence!!!

Articulated Streamer Fishing For Bass

Articulated Streamer Fishing For Bass

Fly Fishing bass with articulated streamers is featured in this episode of Fly Fish TV with Kelly Galloup. Beaver Lake in Arkansas is the destination and Brad Wiegman is the guide for bass, as a gear guy and fly guy compare techniques. Kelly fishes articulated streamers, Davy Wotton shows fly tying tips for soft hackles, and we have a lesson in fishing streamer flies.