Brookies In The Back Country

Fly Fishing

Northern Michigan has ample opportunities for good Brook Trout fishing. Blue ribbon streams weave through the landscape for miles. Most all of them harbor good Brook Trout numbers. In this episode of Michigan Gone Wild, team member Jordan Kettlewell Highlights the Black River and it’s Trout fishing potential. He covers the how to’s of Trout fishing and also touches base on some of the history surrounding the Brook Trout here in Michigan.


Black Cricket Fly Pattern

Fly Patterns

Hi Everyone , It’s Bill Skilton’s Stretchy Foam that Davie used and not Thin Foam as He said in the video, sorry….

Here is a list of the materials Davie used:

Hook, size 10 dry fly
Thread, Uni 8/0 black
Tail, Dyed Black Turkey or Goose Biots
Body, Bill Skilton’s Stretchy Foam and Black Dubbing
Back, Bill Skilton’s Stretchy Foam
Legs, Dyed Black Turkey Biots and a Dyed Black Cock Hackle
Thorax Cover, Black Foam
Head, Black Dubbing
Horns, Dyed Black Pheasant Tail


Dave’s Hopper … One Of The Best!!

Fly Patterns

The Dave’s Hopper is a favorite “go to” Hopper Pattern for many fly fishers. The high floating properties and life like appearance of the Dave’s Hopper, make it one of the best Grasshopper Patterns ever developed. The Dave’s Hopper was created by fly tying mastermind Dave Whitlock. The Dave’s Hopper is made to be fished in the heat of summer and flopped down near the bank (where hoppers tend to fall or be blown into the river). The Dave’s Hopper is a great indicator for the “Hopper Dropper” technique and is extremely deadly on hungry trout. The Dave’s Hopper can be tied in many variations and colors. The more “Natural” Tan color (tied in this video) is one of the more popular colors, but it can also be tied in Olive. Give the Dave’s Hopper a try! It is a must have in any trout box!


Chucking Streamers For Trout

Fly Fishing Basics

Ken Tanaka of Wish4Fish is out on the West Branch of the Delaware and the Beaverkill River demonstrating how being versatile and using different techniques of fishing dries, nymphs and streamers can help you land more fish. In this video he shows you some ways to trigger a streamer strike using a snap jig as well as mending the line to get the fly down to the desired depth.


New Zealand Trout … Fly Fishing Adventure

Fly Fishing

Taking a Chance is a half hour look at a wilderness trip with a difference – a look into uncharted territory, where only maps and Google Earth have given us any clue as to what to expect. Kresten Ovesen again is the man of the moment who has an adventurous spirit and willing to take a chance on an untested location. Luckily for Mike, Kresten loves to have the camera rolling to relive the moments later, so they could capture what turned out to be one of the most memorable of Kresten’s angling career. Memorable for things often much greater than some of the wonderful brown trout caught. The magnificence of the stunning water and surrounds will burn brightly in our minds their some time.


Fortress Lake Brook Trout

Fly Fishing

Fortress Lake is home to some very large brook trout. The brook trout average about 3 – 4 pounds in Fortress Lake and many guests land brook trout in the 5 to 9 pound range annually. Located at the continental divide and surrounded by the Columbia Icefield, Jasper, and Banff National Parks, Fortress Lake has gained repute as the world’s most dramatic trophy brook trout fishery. Enjoy what Stillwater author Phil Rowley claims is the heaviest chironomid hatch anywhere, or come for the prime sight-fishing seasons. Evening dry fly fishing offers amazing moments.