Attaching Fly Line To Fly Reel

Attaching Fly Line To Fly Reel

Fly Fishing Basics

Attaching Fly Line to Fly Reel can be a little intimidating and it definitely does not have to be.

In this Tutorial by with Lewis Hendrie, we will learn just how easy it can be.

Lewis begins Attaching Fly Line to the Fly Reel by fist adding Backing to the reel, and he will also show us how to make sure we hadn’t added to much Backing at this point.

He will explain (and demonstrate), a couple of knots that are really quite strong and have a low profile, which is something needed in the Fishing world.

Many of the new Fly Lines have pre-made loops in them for easy access in Attaching Fly Line, but Lewis will show us what to do if the line does not have a loop.

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