What is Fly Fishing? (Part 1) The Basic’s of the Fly Rod

Fly Fishing Basics

If you are one of the people who has no real understanding of “What is Fly Fishing” then this is the Article for you. There are many, many people out in the world today who are somewhat curious about Fly Fishing. This is a wonderful sport and one to consider if you enjoy being outside near or even in the water.

There are quite a few skills involved with Fly Fishing, but these can be conquered easily with the basic understanding of terms involved and lots of patience and practice!

What is Fly Fishing?

Fly Fishing is a form of angling (fishing) that is both very, very old and distinct. It is named because of the use of Flies for bait, usually hand tied made out of feathers and furs. It was once used for mainly Trout and Salmon but today it is used for any other varieties of fish such as: Bass, Carp, Pike, Muskie, and is also popular with Salt Water Fishing too!


What is Fly Fishing Pt1fly-fishing-cast


The Cast

The cast can look very intimidating, but it really need not be. With patience and lots of practice in can be mastered in no time! What you need to remember is that you should strip some line from the reel and allow it to lay on the ground just slightly in front of you. Facing forward (not to the side) firmly grip the handle of the rod with one hand and lightly hold the line that is still laying on the ground with the other hand. With you head held up at the 12 o’clock position and the rod tip facing up (over your shoulder) at the 2 o’clock position start swinging the rod back and forth (not going past 10 o’clock) in the forward position. This allows the line to start going out over the water until desired length of cast is reached.

Catch and Release

This is the highly recommended method (unless you are going to eat the fish you catch). This method allows you to have fun catching the fish and then removing the fish from the hook gently and without injury to return the fish to the water so that it may be caught another day. Always check for the rules and regulations about size and season of the fish you are catching,also make sure you have the proper license for the area you are fishing!

The Fly Rod

These are usually quite long rods between 6 1/2 ft and 12 ft (sometimes longer); and very flexible. Back in the “old days” they were made of bamboo. Now they are made of man-made materials. They Fly Rod has large eyes (or guides) spaced along the rod to allow the fly line to glide up the length of the rod for that perfect and artful cast.

The Fly Reelfly fishing reel

The Fly Reel is the piece of equipment at the handle end of the rod which holds the fly line on a spool to help prevent tangles. It is an important piece of equipment for effective casting and retrieving of the fly line.

The Fly Line

The Fly line is a thick, lightweight line that is specifically made for long casts and made to float on the water.

The Backing Line

The Backing Line is the line that is tied onto the fly reel to attach to the fly line. Since the fly line is rather thick and a little on the slippery side you can not attach the fly line directly to the reel. This is why you need to use a backing line. Also the Backing gives you more line if you happen to hook into a fish that runs a great distance.

The Tippet (or leader)

The Tippet is a tapered line that attaches to the hook (or fly) end of the fly line. This is important because you need a rather thin line to attach the fly. It is also important because the fish can and will see the fly line and not take the bait. With the tippet at the end of the thick fly line the fish will not see the line because the tippet is usually 6 1/2 ft (or longer) so the fish will not spook at it.

I hope this helps explain some of the basic parts of the Fly Rod. This is a very important piece of equipment needed to start Fly Fishing.

Without it you won’t be Fly Fishing. Now flies can always be purchased but eventually I am sure you will want to tie you own. This in itself is a hobby enjoyed by many, many fly fisherman!!

I sincerely hope you get out there and try this fantastic, fun filled sport. It will help you relax and also get you out to enjoy nature.

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