Bass On Flies The Basics

Bass On Flies … The Basics

Fly Fishing

Bass on Flies … now that is fun and here are some basics to target and catch Bass on a Fly Rod.

This Fly Fishing tutorial is by with Tom Rosenbauer as host.

The great thing about catching Bass on Flies is that you have to make the fly look like something they want to eat and this can be done just by the way you retrieve (or strip) the fly in. 

There will be a lot of the time (just like Fly Fishing for Trout), that you will be fishing under the surface, allowing the fly to sink, in this case you need to vary your retrieves, trying different speeds and different types of strips.

Bass on Flies can be a whole lot of fun, no matter what species of Bass you are going after, just put these tips to work and you will be catching Bass in no time.

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