Big News for Freshwater Flies

Big News for using Freshwater Flies!

Fly Patterns


There are 8 Freshwater Flies that when presented properly will allow you to be successful even on Saltwater.

These Flies are as follows:
1. Whistler
2. Clouser Minnow
3. Popping Bug
4. Seaducer
5. Lefty’s Deceiver
6. Crab Fly
7. Bendback
8. Surf Candy


The “Whistler” is one of the best Freshwater Flies to fish deep or in dirty water.

Big News for Freshwater FliesThe “Whistler” has a large head and large bead chain eyes. This allows the Fly to set sound vibrations because it actually “pushes” through the water.

There is 2 ways to tie this fly:

1. Tie it very Bulky with weight (usually lead wire) added to    the hook shank.

2. Tie it with no weight (other than the Bead Eyes) so that it  swims higher in the water.

Clouser Minnow

This Fly should be in Fly Box be it Freshwater or Saltwater.Big News for Freshwater Flies
It was originally used as a Smallmouth Bass Fly.

This Fly can be tied as small as 1 inch or as long as 12 inches.

Tie it in several different color combinations and it will catch several different predatory fish such as Bass, Pike, Muskie, Walleye, Bonefish,Tarpon, Striped Bass, etc.

Just use your imagination in varying the weight, the color combination, hook size, and length of wing.

Popping Bug

This is another must have of the Freshwater Flies for Saltwater use.

Large Amberjacks and Copia don’t normally take a Streamer.

Big News for Freshwater FliesThey want BIG and the “Popping Bug” is just what they ordered!



When fished correctly they will make a Popping noise. This “Popping” noise will draw strikes from larger fish, not to mention it will also draw the attention of fish that may not have noticed the fly.

The Streamer is a silent fly where the “Popping Bug” is an attention getter due to the noise it makes.

These Freshwater Flies are often deadly on Predatory fish!


These Freshwater Flies were originally developed to “seduce” Bass into striking.

This “Seaducer” Fly is a very, very old pattern, dating back to the 19th century.Big News for Freshwater Flies

This fly pattern has a characteristic that not too many other Flies have.

It was designed to sink very, very slow. So slow in fact, it almost seems to be suspended in the water.

This pattern can be Tied Long or Short, you can make it with several different colors too.

The uniqueness of this Fly is that the long fluffy Hackles used for the tail or wings and the Palmered Hackles on the front can allow the Fly to act like Downriggers.

This makes it possible to fish it slow.

In Shallow or Deep Waters it will not normally hang up.

When you stop retrieving it in it will come to the surface looking like a thistle.

Another great thing about this Fly is that it can be dropped close to skittish fish without scaring them.

Lefty’s Deceiver

Big News for Freshwater FliesProbably out of all the Freshwater Flies discussed here the “Lefty’s Deceiver” fly has caught the most Saltwater Fish to this day.

This fly can be 1 inch short up to 14 inches long. It can be tied Sleek or Fat, different weights, different hook sizes and even different colors.

The combinations of this Fly can be endless! This is a must have for your Saltwater Arsenal.

Crab Fly

These Freshwater Flies should be a definite for your Saltwater Fishing.

All sea’s have Crabs and most all Predatory Fish eat Crabs!
Check around to see what kind of Crabs are in the area that you are going to Fish.

Also check on the colors of these Crabs too.Big News for Freshwater Flies

You should have these Crabs in different sizes and weights because you will want some to float, some to sink fast and some of them should sink slow.

Even try Dead Drifting them with the Tide.


 This Fly was developed for Bass several decades ago, mainly in the mid south.

Big News for Freshwater FliesThese Freshwater Flies has a hook that has been bent.

The original “Bendback” Fly had a body dressing on the hook shank.

Today’s “Bendback” Fly has a bare hook shank with a wing tied in.

Today’s “Bentback” Fly does fish better with the bare hook shank.

If casting near rocks or weeds this “Bentback” Fly is by far the best!

Surf Candy

This fly is tied in smaller sizes of 4 inches or less. It is intended to imitate baitfish in the area.

This  Fly casts like a charm and is very durable!

Originally these Freshwater Flies had a coating of epoxy over the hook shank area, but it is now coated with clear bathroom silicone.

The body looks the same but is much more softer which the fish seem to prefer.Big News for Freshwater Flies

These Freshwater Flies have been around for many, many years and will be around for many more. Now that they have been discovered to work for Saltwater Flies with very little modification.

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