Bighorn River Trout Fly Fishing

Bighorn River Trout Fly Fishing

Fly Fishing

Bighorn River, a tailwater in Southern Montana is a great place for Fly Fishing Monster Trout.

In this video by: you will watch Zack, Sam, and Travis of the Montana Wild crew take their Drift Boats down the Bighorn in search for Trout.

Zack, Sam, and Travis plan a 50 mile journey, through the Crow Native American
Reservation, where they need to purchase permits in order to fish this stretch of river.

The Montana Wild Crew, faces many good times catching the Rising Trout, even though there was a few rough times too (thunderstorms, and running out of gas).

The Bighorn River has some of the best Fly Fishing for Trout that you will ever find, not only great Fishing but also fantastic scenery.

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