Biot Body Dry Fly Tying Pattern

Biot Body Dry Fly Tying Tutorial

Fly Patterns

Biot Body Dry Fly is a Fly that can be modified to imitate several different Mayflies just by changing the colors of the materials used.

This Dry Fly Tutorial has been made by Tim Cammisa of

This Biot Body Dry Fly uses CDC for legs, a Turkey Biot for the body and some pre-made wings that look so realistic that even the most difficult Trout can not resist!  

Tim also takes some time to explain where and how this Fly Pattern had come about, and why this would make a great fly to carry with you.

At the end of this video Tim had included some Links as to where you can find some of the materials needed for this Dry Fly Pattern (especially the realistic Mayfly Wings).

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