blood dot fly pattern

Blood Dot Fly Pattern … Awesome Fly For Steelhead

The Blood Dot Fly Pattern is an awesome fly for Steelhead, this is one pattern needed in your Fly Box.

This Fly Tying Tutorial is brought to us by and Jeff Blood (the originator of this pattern) will demonstrate.

Not only will Jeff demonstrate how to tie the Blood Dot Fly but he will also explain why this works!

Jeff had developed this Blood Dot Fly Pattern back in the early 80’s. This came about by studying the way Trout eggs looked, they had a distinct yolk look inside the egg itself.

The process is rather easy in making this Blood Dot Fly Pattern, as long as you use a good strong thread. Start by taking a 3 1/2 inch piece of Glo Bug Yarn in the natural egg color. Split this in half and tie in at the back of hook right about at the barb point. Tie in and make a loop with the Glo Bug Yarn, repeat this process and push back to cause the yarn to fan out.

Use a strong thread so that you can cinch down with only 2 thread wraps. This will keep the Blood Dot Fly from getting too bulky and out of shape. Take a contrasting color of Glo Bug Yarn to imitate the yolk and tie this in at this point. Now all you have to do is make one last fanning loop pushed back against the contrasting yolk color. Whip finish, trim off the yarn and your done, simple huh?!

Stick this in water to get it wet and see just how realistic it really looks. It forms a egg like shape and you can see the yolk, this is the Blood Dot Fly.

This should be considered a “Guide Fly” because of just how quick, and simple it is to tie and it works!

Go ahead, and tie up several of these Blood Dot Fly Patterns and see just how effective they really are!!


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