Braided Fly Line Loop ... How To Do It Yourself!

Braided Fly Line Loop, How To Do It Yourself

Fly Fishing Basics

Braided Fly Line Loop is something that seems to be included on all new Fly Lines, however what happens if you have to cut it off, here is how to make a new Braided Loop.

In this Braided Loop Tutorial by: you will learn just how easy it is to make this Loop Connection yourself.

What you will need to accomplish this is some Braided Monofilament, a large eyed needle and some super glue, it couldn’t get any easier than that!

I have tried those other Loop Connections that you can find in the Fly Shops and have had nothing but trouble with them, and have not been very happy.

After watching this easy to do Braided Fly Line Loop Tutorial I know that this is the way I am going make these Loop Connections from now on!

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