How To Make A Tapered Leader For Fly Fishing

How To Build A Tapered Leader

In this Fly Fishing Tutorial we will learn how to make your own Tapered Leader.

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Making your own Tapered Leader for Fly Fishing can give the Fly Fishermen many more options.

You can find many different pre-made leaders on the market today, which are all great because there are no knots. However, there are still a few of us who get a lot of satisfaction in building our own Tapered Leader.

Several years ago, you could purchase a kit to make your own leaders, which included leader formulas. Now-a-days, you can use different weights (and lengths) of Mono or Fluorocarbon to do the same thing no kit needed.  The only drawback is that your Tapered Leader will have knots in it.

When making a Tapered Leader most everybody follows the 60/20/20 formula, and this tutorial will show you that formula.

The 60/20/20 formula is 60% butt section, 20% mid section and 20% tippet section … easy enough don’t you think?

The use of a yard stick (or tape measure), and nippers are pretty much all of the tools needed to do the job. A suggestion is to cut the fish line about 3 inches longer for each section, this allows for the knots.

When building your own Tapered Leader, a Perfection knot and Blood knots are most commonly used.

The perfection knot will allow you to create a loop to loop connection for attaching the fly line to the Tapered Leader. Then the Blood knots will create much smaller knots in the remaining parts of the leader.

A little tip to help make your knots seat a bit tighter is to moisten them before tightening them up.

Making your own Tapered Leader may be a little extra work but I think it is well worth it. If something happens where you break off your tippet or you want it heavier, it is an easy change on your part. All you do is cut off (and save) what you don’t want and add a new line. I believe it saves money too.

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