Salmon Recovery, What's Being Done

Salmon Recovery, What Is Being Done?

While the northwest quadrant of California receives a lot of annual rainfall compared to other parts of the state, coastal streams are often reduced to a trickle by late summer. That trickle is enough to sustain young steelhead and coho through the summer before they make their migration to the ocean in the fall, if we are able to keep that water in the stream.

The once-prolific runs of coho salmon and steelhead along California’s north and central coast have declined precipitously, and California’s coho salmon are now endangered with extinction with an estimated population of just 5,000 adult fish spawning every year.

Chrome Conservation ... Protecting Our Steelhead

Chrome Conservation … Protecting Our Steelhead

CHROME, the new film from Conservation Hawks, celebrates the joy and passion of fly fishing for steelhead while educating anglers on the looming threats of climate change and ocean acidification. The movie, which features Tom Rosenbauer, Dylan Tomine, Hannah Belford, Kate Taylor, Tim Romano and Todd Tanner, focuses on our responsibility to protect cold, clean waters, and to stand up for future generations.

Salmon and Trout Hachery in Ontario, Ca

Hatchery Process at Ringwood Fish Culture Station

We recently completed the following documentary of the Ringwood Fish Culture Station processes after following the efforts of volunteer group from the Metro East Anglers for the past year.

This video, now being shown at the Sportsman Show in Toronto, shows the full process from egg collection to releasing reared salmon and trout back into the tributaries of Lake Ontario.

This should be of interest to all outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the great Lake Ontario fishery we have today.

Old, Unwanted Pharmaceuticals, Are They In Our Fisheries?

Fisheries In Danger With Unwanted Prescribed Drugs

2014 WINNER: TWO Tellys, and Communicator Awards, AND Nominated for an Emmy! Great Lakes Clean Water Organization and Stone Bridge Productions teamed up to produce this 27 minute documentary about the need to dispose of unused, unwanted drugs, in the most environmentally sound way. This documentary aired on Michigan PBS stations recently, and will be shown in multiple film festivals Summer 2014. Thanks to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for supporting this program and film project!

Coaster Brook Trout

Coaster Brook Trout In Danger … Now What?

The Salmon-Trout River in the Yellow Dog Plains is a special untouched area in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It is home to one of the last spawning locations in the America for the Coaster Brook Trout. This area and the Trout that come here are under attack by an environmentally damaging sulfide mine by Kennecott Eagle Minerals, who are known for their disregard for environmental safety practices. Please watch this video to be informed.

Reconnect The Streams

Reconnect The Streams

In many rivers throughout the U.S., outdated and environmentally unsound culverts block fish passage, in essence creating a series of dams on small tributaries to larger rivers. These culverts negatively impact fish spawning, block fish passage into these tributaries, and take away miles upon miles of fishable water. By repairing existing culverts, or by replacing these culverts altogether, fish are once again able to swim upstream. The process is simple, and highly cost effective. In place of small, often elevated culverts, larger culverts are buried halfway into the streambed and filled with a natural bottom. This creates a more ecologically friendly passage for fish, and opens up miles of spawning grounds, habitat, and fishable water. Every dollar you donate will be used to improve these streams, and the impact will be felt by fish—and anglers—all across the country for years to come!

Clackamas Complete Return Of The Bull Trout

Bull Trout Return To The Clackamus River

Watch this stunning 4-minute video on the reintroduction of bull trout to the Clackamas River, Oregon!!!!! The video tells the story of the diligent efforts of fish biologists to once again see bull trout flourish in waters where they were eliminated over 50 years ago. The video was funded by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and produced by Freshwaters Illustrated, an Oregon based not-for-profit organization whose goal is to raise aquatic awareness through photo, video and film.