Chinook Salmon On The Fly In British Columbia

Chinook Salmon On The Fly In British Columbia

Chinook Salmon – British Columbia Spring/Summer Tour took me up to the far reaches of British Columbia’s Skeena River and the many tributaries of that amazing Canadian watershed. For Catch Magazine’s 48th edition, T-Motion theater presents a video about the wild and adventurous chase, fly fishing for spring/summer Chinook salmon on the swing, via helicopters piloted by Dave Hiltenkamp of Summit Helicopters LTD out of Terrace British Columbia and jet sleds from the Skeena Spey Riverside Wilderness & Lodge also from Terrace British Columbia.

The anglers on camera include none other than the talented Adrienne Comeau, who guides for Skeena Spey Riverside Wilderness & Lodge and Steve McPhail, owner of Nass River Steelhead Company out of Terrace British Columbia. This tech-infused video includes some great insight on fly fishing for the big Chinook Salmon, who live in the world-renown waters of British Columbia. Thanks to the British Columbia Fishing Resort and Outfitter Association, Eddie Bauer, Ross Reels, Skeena Spey Riverside Wilderness & Lodge, Nass River Steelhead Company and Summit Helicopters LTD. Get out your notes and start planning your next adventure while you watch this action packed, information loaded video!

Fly Fishing For Pacific Northwest Steelhead In Winter

Pacific Northwest Steelhead In Winter

Click Here To Subscribe to the Catch Magazine YouTube Channel ► – Fly fishing for the mighty steelhead is not always pretty, and this issue’s T-Motion theater illustrates the very real deal in the search for Pacific Northwest steelies. The weather during this early spring shoot was as usual; rain, rain and more rain. The rivers rose fast, cleared out, and rose again with each new rain storm. My friend and angler on film, Jack Mitchell, has lived in the Pacific Northwest his entire life and has been guiding and chasing steelhead for most of his years. Despite his expertise, the very real deal of fly fishing for steelhead means that there are no guarantees. It took us many attempts, many hours on the river, and many conversations. Finally we landed a steelhead, but it was what Jack calls “arduous patience” that made it all happen. As in every video shoot, I appreciate the cooperation and joviality of my anglers. Jack is as jovial as they come. What an adventure! Thanks to Jack Mitchell of The Steelhead Ranch, and to Eddie Bauer for their generous support. For this and more go to

True Happiness Is Steelhead And Wild Salmon

Healthy Environment Means Steelhead And Wild Salmon

Fly Fishing for Wild Salmon & Steelhead to Prove that Happiness is Connected to Healthy Environments | Cast Northwest with Captain Quinn
1.Fly fishing for wild salmon and steelhead 2.Exploring wild places 3.Interacting with incredible people who are living lifestyles that honour their connection to this planet. Follow Captain Quinn on his journey to explore the connection between happiness and a healthy environment.

Fly Fishing Henry's Fork River in Idaho

Henry’s Fork River Fly Fishing In Idaho

Fly Fishing in Idaho, Montana, and Yellowstone with Mike Lawson & Henry’s Fork Anglers. Experience the vast fly fishing opportunities of the Henry’s Fork Region. We guide on the waters of the Henry’s Fork and South Fork of the Snake River in Idaho, Yellowstone Park the Madison River, Hebgen Lake and other waters in Montana. We have some of the most experienced Guides in the Rocky Mountains. Rich History and Continued Excellence!!!

Fly Fishing Legends

Fly Fishing Legends and Captain Quinn

Meet fishing legends Fred Philpot, Bob Clay and Rob Brown. Join Captain Quinn as he swaps fishing stories of 30 lbs Steelhead with Fred Philpot then learns the craft of bambo fishing rod building with Bob Clay. Finally, embark on a fishing adventure with writer and expert angler Rob Brown.

Fly Fishing for Wild Salmon & Steelhead to Prove that Happiness is Connected to Healthy Environments | Cast Northwest with Captain Quinn

Chrome Chum Salmon On The Fly

Chrome Chum Salmon On The Fly

Chum salmon get a bad wrap. Most of that is just snobbishness on the part of fishermen who don’t appreciate an abundant, hard-fighting fish. But the chum most people know, the heavily barred, hook-jawed green goblins, don’t start out that way. Chum enter the rivers as startlingly beautiful silver bullets that rival steelhead in every way. Only a few rivers offer reliable fly fishing for chrome chums like this, and and Kanektok River in western Alaska is one of them. We fished with Alaska West and caught all the chums we could handle and then some, in addition to several other species this incredible river has to offer. Give Alaska West a call at 800-344-3628 for more information

Cod on the Fly

Cod On The Fly … Can Be Quite Easy

In this episode of FLY TV, we get to follow Steffan Jensen and Patrik Bjurenstål when they fly fish for Swedish cod in Öresund. For them, the cod fly fishing started out as a complement to the sea trout fishing. They took their pike equipment and it didn’t take long before they realized how easy and extremely fun the cod fishing is. During the episode, they will show you how to get started and which gear you need next time you decide to fly fish for cod.

Amazing Brown Trout ... Dream Come True

Amazing Brown Trout … Dream Come True

Please Read our special note of thanks before viewing!
We thank you specifically for your support. It’s contrite these days to fluff people up with Social Media Thanks. This is legitimate. Without the support of everyone who has purchased a copy of our “Sight-Fishing Trout Rivers” or our “Stripped Down: The Brown Trout Project” video projects we simply couldn’t devote our lives to fly fishing, to taking our trips to New Zealand, to fly fish Alberta through the year. Your support means so much to us.
We trust our video has inspired you to get out fly fishing, to get through cold winters, or maybe take your mind off troubles as a mental escape. We get those aspects, which is why we continue to produce and share short video on the internet. We know that not everyone can be on the water, where no doubt you’d love to be right now. Hopefully video like this one helps in the meantime.
This was the third of 3 nice browns we caught from this shoulder of this pool. Dave landed two six-pound browns before Amelia stepped up on this one. It certainly didn’t look the size it turned out to be. The entire experience brought home how wonderful fly fishing is, how much it can be enjoyed and shared. Hopefully you feel a part of this video because your support is inter-twined in its creation. Thank You!
Dave & Amelia Jensen

Danish River Pre Spawn Pike

Danish River Pre Spawn Pike

In this episode of FLY TV, we get to follow Niklaus Bauer, Steffan Jensen and Johannes Bigum Pedersen when they try to catch enormous pikes from the bank in a Danish river. The water is still extremely cold after the winter, which makes the fish inactive. Although, if they manage to hook one, chances are that it’s a very big and fat dream fish. With the help of fly rods, the local knowledge and a dash of patience, they start their search for a giant river pike.

Missouri River Carp Fly Fishing

Missouri River Carp Fly Fishing

Summer temps hovering in the upper 90’s. Rising carp. The Missouri River. Dry fly fishing. Montana’s magnificent Big Sky. Put these together, and T-Motion Theater had an unlikely, yet absolutely remarkable fly fishing video opportunity. Carp, unlike trout or steelhead or bonefish or any for that matter, feed in a frenzy known to some anglers as the “Hour of Power”. This is when schools of carp rise to the surface in fierce unison, their big mouths breaking the surface and “hoovering” up bugs in a linear path on the top of the frothy, shallow water. Montana native, fly fishing guide extraordinaire and longtime Gallatin Gateway friend of mine, Brian Kimmel of Shadow of a Trout Outfitters, told me that the next T-Motion film MUST be on Montana carp. I had no idea what I was in for. I packed up my gear into a boat driven by Adipose Boatworks founder and co-owner, Tracy Allen. Tracy quickly jetted Brian into the action of carp on the Missouri River near Helena, Montana. This film immediately became “Carpology,” as Brian revealed his extensive knowledge and enthusiasm for these giant, heat loving, bottom dwelling, big-bellied fish. With topwater action, hard fights, explosive runs, breathtaking scenery and excellent angling, Carpology-PART ONE will leave you waiting anxiously for PART TWO! Thanks to Kimmel and Allen. Enjoy!