Chinook Salmon On The Fly In British Columbia

Chinook Salmon On The Fly In British Columbia

Fly Fishing for Chinook Salmon in beautiful British Columbia, Canada is what this video is all about.

This Fly Fishing Video about catching Chinook Salmon is brought to us by

Skeena River Spey Fishing Guide Adrienne Comeau will show us some wild and action packed fly fishing for Chinook Salmon.

Steve McPhail, owner of Nass River Steelhead Company in Terrence, BC will join Adrienne in this video.

This is an action packed, adventurous chase for the infamous Chinook Salmon!

The Skeena River has many tributaries where all 5 Pacific Salmon species and Steelhead love to travel.

The record Chinook Salmon weighing 98.5 pounds had been caught on the Skeena River in British Columbia.

Watch the beautiful Spey Casting that Adrienne preforms along with all of the beautiful scenery this video brings us.

We will also get many tips from Adrienne on what sort of water to look for when targeting Chinook Salmon. The water type is different from the water you will find Steelies in. She will also mention which flies to use for possible success in catching they monster fish!

She will also mention the typical “RUN” of these Chinook, they are so big and powerful. Once they are hooked, they start running, there is no stopping them. These monsters will take you right into your backing. The Chinook Salmon will probably tire you out before you tire them!

After watching this video, if your blood isn’t pumping or your adrenaline isn’t racing then you must be dead! Fly Fishing for Steelhead is absolutely fantastic, but these Chinook Salmon may just have one up on them! 

I hope you truly enjoy this action packed video, and may even try going after these fish one day! Enjoy!!!

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