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Composition of a Stream

Fly Fishing Basics

The Composition of a Stream is a very important factor in finding fish, especially Trout!

In this Article I am going to list just a few of the Compositions needed to be a fertile and productive Stream.


Just because you may notice a Hatch above or on top of the water does not mean that it will hold Trout. In the same respect, just because you don’t notice a Hatch that doesn’t mean that there are not any Trout in this particular stream.

Confusing huh? Well here are a few of the other things you should look for in determining if this may be a good stream or not.

                                                                                       Cold Water

Trout are a Cold Water fish. With that being said you need to determine if the Composition of a Stream indicates that it could be a cold water stream or not. Are there deep pools? What about trees for shade, are there any?


Composition of a Stream

A very and I repeat very important Composition of a Stream to look for is Oxygen! Look for smaller feeder streams running into it, also waterfalls are a good source of Oxygen. Does this stream seem to babble over a bunch of rocks? That is another good sign for Oxygen.


Does the Composition of this Stream offer Protection. What I mean by Protection is; does it have undercut banks, large rocks or logs, or maybe lots of weeds for the Trout to hide from their predators?

                            Breeding Grounds

Trout like a gravel bottom for their Breeding Grounds. Check the Composition of a Stream; is the bottom clay, or mud, or rocky, or does it consist of gravel? This will help in determining if it could hold Trout.

                           Insects and Forage

The Composition of a Stream can help you determine what kind of Insects and Forage the Trout happen to be feeding on. It can and will dictate what the Trout are seeing day to day as to what kind of Insects and Forage are visible in the Stream.

With this information, you will be able to decide what to tie on the end of you line!

                                                                                               Flowing Water

Many of the Eastern Streams are called Freestoners, and they are usually small streams that start in the uplands. They do eventually end up becoming larger before they end up emptying into the sea.

As a rule the starting of this stream in the uplands will usually be acidic. These little streams quite often flow down over granite and has very little calcium and limestone minerals mixing with it.

This will normally cause it to be acidic!Composition of a Stream

Never and I repeat Never overlook a small stream even though they could be acidic! I will explain the reason to never overlook a small stream in the next paragraph.

                                                                                        Small Stream Composition

Most small streams (Brooks, Creeks, etc.), are tree lined. This supplies the much needed shade in the summer to help keep the water cool (remember Trout like cold water).

These streams also usually form in the higher elevations, which in turn runs down over the rocks and sometimes a waterfall will be present.

                                                                   Because of these rocks and waterfalls there will be lots of Oxygen.

Another thing to remember is that because these Small Streams are normally tree lined, there will be a lot of leaves falling (in the fall season) into the water.

These leaves will get stuck in between rocks and even fall on small pools of water. As a result, these leaves will feed many insects, such as the Mayflies, Stoneflies, Caddis flies, etc. These insects now become forage for the Trout!


Composition of a Stream


These Small Streams normally contain small Trout but occasionally there will be a LUNKER in there! You see; Trout will travel great distances to find food, cool water, protection, and even the perfect breeding grounds.



So remember to look at the Composition of the Stream when looking for a opportunity to catch Trout. I wish you luck in all your fishing endeavors!

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