Cornelius Caddis Dry Fly For Steelhead

Cornelius Caddis Dry Fly For Steelhead

In this Fly Tying Tutorial Captain Quinn will show us how to tie the Cornelius Caddis Dry Fly.

This Fly Tying Tutorial is brought to us by with the infamous Captain Quinn demonstrating.

The Cornelius Caddis is a Dry Fly for Steelhead and Trout, and probably some other Caddis loving fish.

This Caddis pattern is super easy to tie, and extremely effective on Steelhead.

Fly Fishermen worldwide really enjoy catching surface sipping Steelhead and this Cornelius Caddis is just what the doctor ordered.

You will see in this tutorial that Captain Quinn does not make a dubbing loop when he adds dubbing material. He believes that just spinning the material on the thread will suffice. The dubbing material that he uses in this Cornelius Caddis is what is called the Brazilian Wax, a hair from the 80’s. ┬áIf you don’t have any of this material then you could use something else like Buffalo. However, you will not catch as many fish (according to Captain Quinn), haha!!

You will see that Quinn does something completely different when tying the head of this Caddis. He claims that this will lock the fibers in better. What he does is wrap the thread at a angle to secure the fibers before whip finishing. Once secured then just whip finish and “Wam-Bam” you are done.

As was said before, this Cornelius Caddis is so easy to tie, just 3 ingredients other than the hook and thread.

The Cornelius Caddis is probably the most effective dry fly for river or stillwater Steelhead fishing is. This fly just skates across the water, and it is so versitle too.

Go ahead and tie yourself up a few of these Cornelius Caddis Dry Flies and get out there and see just how effective it really is.

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