Czech Style Hares Ear Nymph

Czech Style Hares Ear Nymph Fly Pattern

There are a few different Nymphing Techinques, and the Hares Ear Nymph can be fished Czech Style with great success.

This Fly Tying Tutorial is brought to us by with Tim Cammisa demonstrating.

Tim takes a few moments in the beginning to explain why this Hares Ear is great for Czech Style Nymphing.

The Hares Ear is a “go to” fly of many fly fishermen, and this works well for Czech Style nymphing. One reason the Hares Ear is a favorite, is because it’s a “Guides Fly”. This means that it is a pattern that works well and it is very quick and easy to tie.

If you are fishing a river or stream with a high population of Caddis Flies, the Hares Ear works well. However this Czech Style Hares Ear Nymph works well in fast riffles or faster currents because it’s a large pattern.

This is a great pattern for getting to the bottom FAST, which is another reason for using it in Czech Style nymphing. Use this Hares Ear pattern as an anchor fly, meaning tie it directly to your tippet. Then you can tie a different (smaller) nymph to the hook bend about 12 inches below the Hares Ear. Good choices for the Dropper fly would be a Pheasant Tail, or a WD40, or a Midge Larvae.

The 3 best sizes for this Czech Style Hares Ear Nymph would be size 8, 10, or 12. The larger size will almost guarantee that the Trout notices it, giving him the choice,  take it or leave it. Hopefully if he decides to leave it he will take the dropper fly.

Czech Style nymphing is becoming more and more popular and the reason for this is really quite simple. You get to fish 2 nymphs at the same time … one larger and one smaller.

If you haven’t tried Czech Style nymphing, then I need to ask you “WHY”? It is fun and it works!!

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