Distance Casting

Distance Casting, Tip On Line Speed

This Fly Casting Tutorial is going to show you how to “PULL” your line speed for Distance Casting.

This casting tutorial is by www.redsflyshop.com and Joe is going to demonstrate how to do this.

This Distance Casting tip from Joe is for more intermediate to advanced casters. 

Joe explains that you need to have a good line speed in order to do Distance Casting. You need to “PULL” the line (get the slack out) in order to build line speed.

When you were first learning how to cast a fly line, you were told that you needed to build momentum. In Distance Casting to build speed, you need to “Pull” the line, and that does not mean by hand either.

How do you “pull” the line you may ask … it is all done through the speed of the rod. Once you know how to cast the fly rod proficiently, you will be able to start practicing this. Once you can handle casting by pulling the line you will have even better success in catching fish.

All beginning Fly Angler wants to cast further, however you must master the forward and backward fly cast first. The Distance Casting is somewhat easier once you have good timing in both forward and backward casts.

The fly line must follow a straight line, forward and back, in order to have a good presentation of your casts. Keep rod tip up (not hitting the water) in your casts, and build speed to remove the slack. This “Pulls” the line to help load rod, then you will be able to master the Distance Casting through practice.

When Distance Casting you need to make sure to have the speed built up before it gets past your body.

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