Dragonfly Adult Fly Pattern

Dragonfly Adult Fly Pattern

Fly Patterns

Dragonfly Adult Fly Pattern, is so very realistic looking that it will fool many more Trout than the ones that just have the size and color right but are not so realistic looking.


This Fly Tying Tutorial is by Ruben Martin of youtube.com/rubenmartinflies

Dragonfly hatches seem to be very abundant in some areas so that you really need to make a fly that look just like the real thing, and this particular fly pattern does just that!!

I am particularly impressed at how Ruben got these plastic bristles to work for legs, and the heavier piece of plastic used in between the foam strips to keep the shape of the Dragonfly better.

Dragonflies are definitely something found on many pieces of water, so why wouldn’t they make¬†great Trout food.

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