Dropper Flies how to attach to tandem set up

Dropper Flies, How To Attach To Tandem Rig

Fly Fishing Basics

Dropper Flies are a real good choice to use when trying to figure out what the Trout are eating and where they are in the water.

In this Tutorial by: Tim Cammisa from www.TroutandFeather.com we will learn what the Tandem Rig is and how to set it up with the Droppers.

Tim will show us what he uses for a Point Fly, how he ties Streamers or Nymphs to his Tandem Rig set up and also explains the why he does so.

This is a good way of Fly Fishing using more than one fly be them different or the same as your chosen Dropper Fly.

Always remember to check the Fishing Regulations in your area before Fishing with Tandem Rigs and Dropper Flies, not all areas allow this form of Fishing!

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