Dying Feathers for Fly Tying

Dying Feathers For Fly Tying Tutorial

Dying Feathers is something that I assume every fly tyer out there would like to learn.

This Tutorial is by Davie McPhail and www.fullingmill.com in the USA and www.fullingmill.co.uk in the United Kingdom.

Sometimes fly tyers need a certain shade of feather, and that is where Dying Feathers comes in handy.

In this video Davie will dye some strung hackle (some white and some badger), in a Sunburst Yellow color. As you will see he will mix a couple different colors together to make this special bright yellow shade. Even the badger color hackle took on the dye, making it look totally different.

Davie gives several different tips on how this Dying Feathers procedure is suppose to work.

We need to wash the feathers first in order for them to take on the coloring of the dye we choose to use. We can also experiment with our color mixtures, and come up with just the right combination for that special fly. It is really surprising at just how easy it can be to have that perfect color.

One thing I did notice is that when Dying Feathers, Davie simmers the feathers and solution on the stove. This is something that I had not noticed anyone else do. He also adds vinegar once the solution has come to a boil, this probably sets the color better.

Dying Feathers is a real good idea, especially if you want a special color. Maybe that nymph that you have seen in your new fishing waters is a color that your Feather supplier does not have. If you experiment with the dyes you may just come up with that color.

Once you are done Dying Feathers you should rinse the feathers in cold water to protect them from bleeding. This is really quite a simple process, and we can get very creative with it. Who knows we may even come up with that new color that everyone need to have.

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