Elk River BC Canada Fly Fishing

Elk River In BC Canada For Fly Fishing

The Elk River is in the southeastern corner of BC Canada, it is also a fly fishermen’s dream.

This fly fishing video is by www.FishingwithRod.com and Rod is our host.

The Elk River; a great fly fishing destination if you are interested in catching Westslope Cutthroat Trout on Dry Flies.

In the beginning of this video Rod is fishing with dry flies and not having much success with hooking up. He is getting the strikes but not able to set the hook. Finally he gets one and kind of redeems himself!

Rod and friends set out drifting down the Elk River, in their inflatable Outcast Power Drifters. Rod is new to this sort of thing, but that doesn’t deter him. All of the others have experience drifting the Elk River, so Rod is in good hands.

There seems to be a good population of Westslope Cutties in this river, even though it isn’t all that big. Rod seems to be having ┬átrouble setting the hook, but he is able to land a few real nice ones!!

Pretty amazing combination this Elk River, Dry Flies and Cutthroat Trout, this is a fantastic fly fishing destination. This is what dreams are made of!!!

I hope the Elk River stays the way it is, beautiful, fertile and with a good population of Cutthroat Trout.

If you find yourself in BC Canada, stop by the Elk River for your chance of catching Trout on Dry Flies. This is such a beautiful area, the river is not overly big but does have some really nice Cutties. ┬áThis River system is a fly fishermen’s dream, it is on my bucket list, hopefully your bucket list as well!

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