Equalizer Bass Fly Pattern

Equalizer Bass Fly Pattern

Fly Patterns

The Equalizer Bass Fly is a pattern that will imitate several different foods in the water … just because of the profile of this fly.


This Fly Tying Tutorial is by www.toflyfish.com and is an advanced pattern, there are many steps to this fly.

Although this Equalizer Bass Fly is intended for Smallmouth or Largemouth Bass, it need not be used just in Freshwater, this pattern will work in Saltwater too!!

This Fly Pattern should ride point up and is meant to be retrieved with short jerks and pauses, causing it to jump and drive the Bass crazy!!

When you attempt to tie this Equalizer Bass Fly, make sure you do several at a time, seeing how there are many steps with applying “Zap-A-Gap” you can start another while one is drying!!

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