Fishing with Streamers

Fishing With Streamers For Muskie

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          Fishing with Streamers

Fishing with Streamers is becoming more and more popular with today’s Fly Fisherman, especially for Big Game Fish!

While Dry Flies and Nymphs are still the main course for Trout (Big and Small); there are more anglers using Fly Rods with Streamers for Bass, Walleye, Pike and Muskellunge, just to name a few.


One such “Big Game Fish” is the Muskellunge (Muskie for short). Fishing with Streamers is a very good way to entice a Muskie into striking!

When this happens just hang on because you are in for a fight!!! What a adrenaline rush, this is excitement galore!

Catching a Muskie on a conventional Rod and Reel using a Lure may be fun but the real challenge is using a Fly Rod with a Streamer.

                           Popular Streamers

Fishing with StreamersSome of the more popular Streamers for Muskies are:

Howg Frawg

Rainbow Leech


Sting Bee

among others

These Streamers are anywhere from 5 to 13 inches long.

      Versatility of Streamers

Fishing with Streamers for Muskies works well because of the way they flow through the water.

There are different ways of retrieving them.

You can alternate your speeds to have the Streamer go through different levels of the water, the slower the retrieve the deeper it will swim and visa versa.

You can use a pattern called “Walk the Dog” which makes the Streamer jerk side to side, or you can “Jig” it a bit making it jump up and down.

Both of these types of Retrieval imitate injured Bait Fish, something the Muskie can’t resist!

        Targeting MuskiesFishing with Streamers

When targeting Muskies there are a few things to remember and that is make sure you have some sort of Wire Leader that your Streamer is attached to. Without a Wire Leader, the Muskie’s teeth will cut through your Tippet.

Another thing to remember is the Rod and Line size. You need a larger size Rod and Heavier Line for these monsters! Usually a 9 or 10 weight Rod (and line) is a safe bet!

                 The Muskie’s Strike

The Muskie will usually Strike the Streamer close to the Boat and this can be extremely exciting!

You can watch the Muskie follow the Streamer into shallower water and aggressively attack the Streamer, usually within a few feet (if not inches) from your boat (or Kayak).

                   Targeting Structure

Look for Undercut Banks, Weed Beds, Fallen Logs, etc. and try to cast close to these Structures. The Muskie likes to “Ambush” their prey, and they will normally hide in these type areas.

Fishing with StreamersGet out there and give Fishing with Streamers a try. Just be prepared because if a Muskie strikes it will be an explosive attack!! Something that must be experienced at least once in a lifetime!

If you are Fishing with Streamers for Muskies and the Muskie isn’t producing then try the other Big Game Fish. Bass, Pike, Walleye, Pickerel, (etc.), will also strike on Streamers, and they can be fun too!

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