flatliner articulated streamer

Flatliner Articulated Streamer Fly Pattern

Flatliner Articulated Streamer is a fly pattern from our friend Kelly Galloup.

This Fly Tying Tutorial is brought to us by www.flyfishingtheozarks.com

This Flatliner Articulated Streamer fly pattern will work well for Striped Bass, as well as some monster Trout.

This Flatliner Articulated Streamer is really quite neat … it actually runs flat in the water. And uses quite a bit of Maribou for really good swimming action.

The Flatliner Articulated Streamer has some flash, just a little bit to grab the attention of the fish.

In the beginning of this tutorial you will see how flat this Streamer Pattern swims with such wonderful action.

When tying the Flatliner Articulated Streamer, you get your first few ingredients on the hook and then you turn it 1/4 turn and finish tying on the side. This may take some practice for some people because the angles will seem different. However, not everyone will have difficulties with this.

This Articulated Streamer Pattern is quite a bit of repetition, and may not be all that hard to tie. Although you do need some sort of fly tying experience to proportion it correctly.

This Flatliner Articulated Streamer is quite an amazing pattern that took someone (like Kelly Galloup), to think outside the box and come up with.

Seeing how this Streamer Pattern is Articulated it may be very efficient for Northern Pike as well.

Articulated Patterns are becoming very popular, they definitely have all sort of action that will drive fish crazy.

This Flatliner Articulated Streamer is in a class all by itself and should be a real fish producer. If you are a Fly Fishing for game fish then I believe this Streamer needs to be in your arsenal.

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