Fly Fishing Basic part 2

Fly Fishing Basics Part 2

Fly Fishing Basics

How to pick a Fly Rod is one of the Fly Fishing Basics to consider.

When picking a Fly Rod you need to have an understanding of the basic characteristics. Without this understanding you do not have the Fly Fishing Basics needed, you may (and probably will) be setting yourself up for unnecessary failure.

Rod Length

Length of the Rod is a factor, especially when fishing in areas without much clearance, (for example, trees, tall grass and weeds, briers, etc.). In these instances you would do better with a shorter rod (like 6 ½ ft for example).


Basic of Fly Fishing part 2Flexibility of the Rod, another Fly Fishing Basics that is really quite important.

When casting the Rod (using the same casting effort) there will be a bend in the Fly Rod. This bend determines the flexibility.

Fast Rod

This is a Rod with very little or Minimal Bend.

This means that the fisherman (angler) will get a lot of speed on their cast with very little bend (if any). Which in turn allows the casting distance to be much further and very, very accurate. This may sound great however without knowing the Fly Fishing Basics, this “Fast Rod” can and most likely will be very frustrating! The angler needs to have excellent timing and motion when using a “Fast Rod”. This Rod is not recommended for a beginner.

Medium Bend

These Rods have good flexibility but they are only flexible on the top half of the Rod.

This Rod does not require as much excellence in timing or motion. If the angler has required the basic technique of casting and some Fly Fishing Basics then the Medium Bend Rod can be fairly accurate. This would be a good choice Rod for those with just a bit more experience than the beginner.

Maximum Bend

Also know as the Slinky Rod.

If you are just starting out on this fantastic sport of Fly Fishing then the Rod of choice should be the “Slinky Rod” which will give you the maximum bend in your casts! This “Slinky Rod” gives the angler a lot more leeway so that you can be more efficient in your casts.

Fly Fishing is a exciting, fun and enjoyable sport that is very relaxing and therapeutic! Just make sure you have the right Rod for your experience level, otherwise, it can turn out to be downright discouraging.Basics of Fly Fishing part 2

You can search the internet for several different, well named Fly Fishing Sport Shops in and around your area. These dealers can help you with the Fly Fishing Basics, to find you the perfect Rod so that you can get out there and enjoy this marvelous sport!

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