Fly Tying Station, Do - It - Yourself

Fly Tying Station, Do – It – Yourself

Fly Fishing Basics

This is a video on making your own Fly Tying Station, which should be every Fly Tyers dream to have his own personalized station, table or bench.

This is part one of a two part series.

This do – it – yourself tutorial on designing and, making a Fly Tying Station, is by Mike Hedden.

Mike tells the story about when he (as a boy) went fishing with his Father and Grandfather (they were using spinning gear), and Mike had caught his first fish, he was so happy, and this is what got him into fishing.

Mike prefers to fish creeks and streams so he had started fly fishing, as we all know with fly fishing it isn’t to long and we decide we want to tie our own flies and Mike was no different.

Now that he does do a little tying now and again he had decided to make his own Fly Tying Station, so that he can keep all of his things together.

So now Mike is going to record (and download this video to Youtube), himself making his own Fly Tying Station so that his father can watch it.

We will see this process step by step, and Mike will do a great job explaining what he is doing also.

This Fly Tying Station that he is making will have places for his fly tying tools (bobbins for thread, scissors, bodkins, hackle pliers, etc.), and also a place for his boxes with compartments (part boxes), and his vise, light and magnifying glass.

Let your imagination run wild and design your own Fly Tying Station, (to keep everything close), it really isn’t that hard, just make sure you have a good blueprint and measurements, and you should be good to go.

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