Flymph ... Is It A Dry Fly Or A Nymph

Flymph … Is It A Dry Fly Or A Nymph?

Flymph … what is it … a Dry Fly or a Nymph?

Fly Tying Tutorial by Independence Advisers, LLC with Dave Hughes demonstrating.


There are so many things that go through my mind when I hear the word Flymph. When I first saw it I thought it was more of a Wet Fly, but this fly will float like a Dry Fly.

The one that Dave is tying in this tutorial is called the Hares Ear Flymph. This will work great during the March Brown hatches.

This Flymph will serve you double duty, because it will float and then with a little tug it will sink slightly giving it the Emerger appearance.

This is a decent sized fly (about a 10 or so), with a very sparse body.

Dave recommends using a Furnace Color Hen Hackle on this Flymph. Furnace color is a brown color with a black stripe down the center of the feather.

Another recommendation is that you check the way the Hen Hackle is going to lay after you tie it in. You do this by tying it in and giving it a wrap around the hook. Make sure that the fibers will fall back toward the tail. If it does not then it is called a twister and you will have to untie it and tie it in the opposite direction.

He also gives a great suggestion on how to store your tinsel and wires for your fly tying.

Because this Flymph will float, Dave ties in some tinsel for the ribbing just to give it a bit more weight.

Give this Flymph a try, especially during the March Brown hatch, you will be surprised at how versatile it is.

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