Fur Ant With Wings Fly Pattern

Fur Ant With Wings Fly Pattern

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Fur Ant With Wings Fly Pattern, this is a great pattern for Trout, that is right Ants are a great food for Trout.


This Fly Tying tutorial is by Danzchannel, and appears to be quite an easy pattern to tie.

The Fur Ant will float with a great natural looking profile with the legs and all and to help the floating even more add a little “Gink” or some other floatant.

This Flying Ant is so realistic looking in the water that it would fool even the fussiest of Trout. The hook size (anywhere from as big as size 14 all the way down to size 18), will determine the size of the back “bulb” of the Fur Ant!!

This Fur Ant had been made with Black Dubbing, I believe it will be just as much of a Trout catcher in a Reddish Brown color, or even a Brown color, any color of the natural Ants in your area.

Give this Fly Pattern a try even for Bass, Bluegills, Perch, Crappie, etc., seeing how the Ants fall off the trees and branches, or the wind will blow them off the grass on the shoreline, or the other vegetation along the water’s edge.

Another thing I like about this Fur Ant pattern is the 2 Strands of Moose Body Hair that was used for the legs, that is just a great addition to this pattern that makes it look so realistic.

Ants are a definite addition that every Fly Angler needs to add to their Fly Boxes (Late Summer to Late Fall), if they want to consistently catch fish of pretty much any species.

There are also foam Ants that can be made (that will float very well), however I think they are a little big and bulky looking and a little large for an Ant, that is why I prefer these Fur Ants, they are more realistic looking.

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