Green Drake Dry Fly ... A Classic

Green Drake Dry Fly … A Classic

Fly Patterns

Green Drake Dry Fly is a Classic Fly Pattern that everybody that fishes out west needs to have in their Fly Box.

This Fly Tying Tutorial was brought to us by, and it is a good video because it shows us how these Dry Flies should float in the water.

Dry Fly Pattern that isn’t really that hard to tie, the hardest part of this Fly is getting the Deer Hair Split Wings set. 

The Eastern Rivers does have a small hatch of these Dry Flies, however if you go out west these Drakes are one of the largest Hatches out there.

Trout absolutely love Green Drakes, they are rather large, and a great food source, tie a few of these up and get out there to catch some fantastic Trout!

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