Halibut On The Fly ... In Alaska

Halibut On The Fly … In Alaska

Fly Fishing

Halibut On The Fly can be done, surprisingly if you can get your Fly down on the bottom, and start Jigging you can catch them.

This video by: www.seasonsonthefly.com with Greg Heister as host, has shown us just how it can be done.

Not only will you see Greg catch a Halibut but also Lingcod, and Rock Fish, and even the Yellow Eye Rock fish better known as Red Snapper

Wild Alaska Sport Fishing and Crusies takes Greg on a 350 mile trip for 6 nights in search to catch Halibut On The Fly.

This is some Fly Fishing trip, beautiful scenery and some really awesome Fishing that only Alaska can offer. this is a trip that dreams are made of!

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