Handling Trout Correctly

Handling Trout Correctly For Survival

Catch and Release is a real good idea that will only work if Anglers are Handling Trout correctly.

This Fly Fishing Tutoril is by¬†Twig ‘N’ Timber Archery and Outdoors

When Handling Trout there are all sort of things to consider, these are rather fragile animals.

Many anglers have great intentions of C&R, but we must first think about how we are going to do this. What do we need to do to make sure we are not causing too much stress on the fish.

The first thing to do when Handling Trout is to NOT fish for them if water temps are too high. Trout are cold blooded, and when water temps are up above 65 degrees F it is just too warm. The warm water will cause the Trout too much stress, and tire them out very quickly.

If you are fishing in fairly warm water (above 65) PLEASE use larger tippet material. You must bring this Trout in quickly to avoid tiring them out to much. If you tire them too much then it is extremely hard to revive them. They may swim off but that does not mean that they will live!

Make sure you wet hands before Handling Trout, this helps prevent removing the protective slime. And always try to keep them in the water as much as possible. Do not bounce them around on the shoreline or bank.

Using barbless hooks (or at least pinching the barbs), is another thing that is important in Handling Trout correctly. If you use barbless hooks then you can release them quicker with less mouth tenderness to the fish.

The next time you are out Fly Fishing for Trout, I hope that you will keep these tips on Handling Trout in mind. Catch and Release is a wonderful idea to try to protect our resourses. However, if we are not Handling Trout correctly all of our good intentions will be worthless.

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