Healing Through Quiet Waters

Healing Through Quiet Waters

Fly Fishing

Healing through Quiet Waters is really something that can be done and is being done through a great organization called “Warriors and Quiet Waters”.

This Documentary was done by Mr. Vix, and is a must see for anyone interested in helping our Wounded Warriors.

It is truly amazing how much Healing can be done through Fly Fishing some Quiet waters; considering all that these men and women (our wounded warriors) have been through, the tranquility and therapy that the quiet waters supplies is fantastic!! 

The “Warriors and Quiet Waters” Organization is absolutely fantastic, these people are all volunteers wanting to help the Healing process of our traumatically injured US service men and women.

I found this to be a very interesting documentary and I am also Thankful to all of those people who have taken part in helping with this Healing process that these wounded warriors must go through.

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