True Happiness Is Steelhead And Wild Salmon

Healthy Environment Means Steelhead And Wild Salmon

Wild Salmon, Steelhead, a Healthy Environment, these all go together to make a true happiness in the Fly Fisherman.

This fly fishing video is by Captain Quinn and this video is part of his Cast Northwest series.

I wanted to share this video because I feel we have all felt the same happiness in a Healthy Environment.

Without a Healthy Environment we will not have a natural reproduction of wild salmon or steelhead. Captain Quinn (who is somewhat a comedian), understands the importance of a Healthy Environment and true happiness. I believe we could all learn a little bit from him.

It has been said that once you hook into a Steelie, you’re hooked for life, Isn’t that True happiness?  It is for me!!! We could not have that without a good Healthy Environment, yes we could stock them, but that isn’t the same.

Captain Quinn lives in Terrace, BC Canada, I think that is happiness in itself, so clean and beautiful, untouched! Quinn’s father comes to visit and he will get the opportunity to catch a Steelhead with a Spey Rod. He has never caught a Steelhead before or used a Spey Rod for that matter.

Thank goodness for the Healthy Environment, otherwise there wouldn’t be the Steelhead to catch. We should all pay attention to this, we (mankind),  have done enough damage to our environment, It needs to stop.

Watch the happiness that is shown on Quinn’s dad’s face when he catches his first Steelie.

The River that is being fished is the perfect picture of a Healthy Environment. There are all sorts of Wild Salmon and Steelhead in this River, now that is TRUE HAPPINESS!!!


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