Juju Emerger Fly Pattern

Juju Emerger Fly Pattern

Fly Patterns

Juju Emerger Fly Pattern is a new pattern developed by Charlie Craven, and it is a cross between the RS2 Fly and a Jujubaetis.

This Fly Tying Tutorial was done by: www.InTheRiffle.com, and can be tied in several different color combinations,

This Juju Emerger imitates a Mayfly Emerging to the surface, in the stage between a nymph and a adult.

This Emerger Pattern was designed to especially attract the fish that are moving in the Water Column.

This particular Fly Pattern works most effectively in natural colors (olive, black and brown), however it is not the easiest Fly to tie, you will definitely need to practice up, especially with tying in the Mayfly Tail.

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