Kanektok Rainbows, What Could Be Better

Kanektok Rainbows, What Could Be Better?

Fly Fishing

Kanektok Rainbows are the most Beautiful Bows, with their bright red lateral line and the heavy spots, there just isn’t anything more magnificent!

This video is by www.OPSkagit.com, and it is actually about some Commando Heads and Skagit Tactics, but it was the Rainbow Trout that I was interested in.

The Kanektok River is loaded with a lot of woody stream banks, and small feeder streams and some larger streams and quite a bit of underwater structure that it make catching these Rainbows a real challenge to catch!

There was several different Flies such as Mice, Streamers, and some Nymphs used to catch these Kanektok Rainbows, and the strikes were really explosive!

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