Lake Superior Steelhead On The Fly

Lake Superior Steelhead On The Fly

Lake Superior Steelhead in the Springtime can be caught in the Sault St Marie River in Canada.

Lake Superior Steelhead can be caught in the Sault St Marie River and Bill Spenser of shows us how.

Bill is Joined by Rod Trudel, owner and guide of On The Fly Fishing Company (

Our friend Rod Trudel has a fantastic opportunity to show Bill the action of these Lake Superior Steelhead.

Rod knows all of the Steelhead runs, therefore he is able to put Bill onto some great Steelies.

Lake Superior Steelhead was published in February 2017 therefore it’s just in time for the springtime run.

With the many tips and tricks Bill will teach us we should be ready for the 2018 Springtime Steelhead season.

Many fishermen say that these Great Lake Steelies are not true Steelhead, Bill explains what he thinks on this subject.

The flies used for catching these absolutely beautiful Steelhead or Migratory Trout (as some people like to call them) will be discussed.

The Sault St Marie River has some really fantastic fish holding waters, Bill will discuss how to fish them. This River has some great areas where there is white water and then a back eddy where fish will hold. Because of the fast water, you will need a special set up to get the flies down to where the Steelies are, Bill explains this.

Nearing end of this Lake Superior Steelhead video, Bill finally gives Rod a chance at catching a beautiful Steelie. As a result, Rod does this with ease, he catches a real beauty!

Rod Trudel, owner of On the Fly Fishing Company has guided many fishermen with great success. He knows the Sault St Marie River and all of the Steelhead runs there. He will get you on the fish, therefore, it will be your job to catch them.

Tight Lines my friends!!!

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