mop fly pattern - another beginner fly

Mop Fly Pattern … Another Beginner Fly

The Mop Fly is a very good beginners fly pattern, and it can be tied in 2 minutes or less.

This fly tying tutorial is brought to us by with Shawn Holsinger demonstrating.

This Mop Fly is so easy to tie that Shawn is almost embarrassed to be tying it. However it is also so very effective, especially on early Stocked Trout (in the springtime).

Any beginning Fly Tyer should have NO problems with tying the Mop Fly Pattern, a great pattern to begin with.

The Mop Fly is a fly that you want to get down in the water real quick you need weight. In addition to the Tungsten Bead you will want to wrap wire along the hook shank.

This Mop Fly Pattern is made from fibers of a car washing mitt that you can find in many colors.

Yellow is the most popular, but why not try other colors to see which will work best in your area. Pick up your car washing mitts at any Auto parts store, or Walmart, Kmart, Target, etc.

Whichever mitt color you decide to use make sure you use the same color thread to cover the wire wraps.

After covering the wire wraps completely with thread just snip off one fiber (finger) from mitt and tie on behind the Bead. Now the Mop Fly is done … easy peasy … you need not do anything else.

Many Fly Tyers will not feel this is enough (just adding the mitt fiber), we will add a collar. Just dub on a little “Ice Dub” (matching the color closely), for the collar behind the bead. This is not necessary and does not seem to catch more fish but it will make the Mop Fly look more finished.

Go ahead and tie the Mop Fly in several different colors, and see which will work best in your fishing waters.

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