Mountain Mamas Fly Fishing For Big Pike

Mountain Mamas Fly Fishing For Pike

Fly Fishing

Mountain Mamas are the Monster Pike that live in Sweden’s Tjuonajokk.

Video By: with Niklaus Bauer Hosting and this guide Robert Hansson from

These Northern Pike are really Monsters and definitely live up to their name Mountain Mamas!

You will see how to Remove a Hook from your thumb when Robert deeply hooks himself and Niklaus removes it.

In this video what you will see is the Large Flies that are used for catching these Northern Pike, some of these are Articulated Flies in which they are adding a Wiggle Tails to them.

Lapland Sweden is where you can find this Tjuonajokk Fishing Camp and this is where you are going to find these Mountain Mamas which are really big Northern Pike

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