Muddler Minnow Simple Fly Pattern

Muddler Minnow, Simple Version

Fly Patterns

Muddler Minnow, the simple version is just what it says, simple to make, the hardest part of this fly pattern is spinning the deer hair head.

This Fly Tying Tutorial is by and with Jay Nichols demonstrating.

The Muddler Minnow has been tied with so many different variations, with or without Beadheads, with or without some sort of Flash, etc., and they are all successful fly patterns.  

Jay adds a little different variation, he adds a hackle just before he spins the deer hair for the head, he says that the hackle causes the Muddler to have a different swimming action.

Another thing that is great about this Muddler Minnow is that you can shape the head of this pattern however you would like, (big and bushy or smaller and sparser), this pattern is just that versatile!!

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