New Stocking Program

New Stocking Program

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There is a New Stocking Program for Streams.

It is not to widely spread as of yet, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a normal way of life in our Streams in the near future.


Since Pollution is becoming more and more prevalent in our Streams now a days there has become a need to help increase our “Bug” life for the Trout to eat!

New Stocking ProgramThis New Stocking Program is doing just that! It has worked quite well in Hawaii. Biologist’s had started Stocking Bugs (Mayflies and Caddis) from the mainland to help feed the Stocked Trout.

Bug Stocking now being done elsewhere

The Arkansas River has been Polluted and in real need of the New Stocking Program. The State of Colorado has been doing a bang up job at getting this done.

The first thing that needed to be done was the Pollution clean up.

The water treatment plants had mine drainage that had poisoned the Arkansas River. With much thanks to the State of Colorado the River is now in great shape.

The Trout are doing just fine due to the Mayflies and Caddis population on the increase.

However the New Stocking Program now has to concentrate on the Big Salmon Flies (Stoneflies). These Stoneflies are not able to fly very well, so they haven’t been able to re-populate very good on their own.

Trucking the Stoneflies

The New Stocking Program has now started taking massive amounts of large Stoneflies from the Colorado River New Stocking Programand trucking them to the Arkansas River to restock! It appears to be working, the Stoneflies have been hatching for a couple years now.

More Experimentation Needed

This New Stocking Program hasn’t been successful everywhere, but maybe with a little more experimenting it will.

I know of a few areas where (for example) there isn’t a Green Drake Hatch. That doesn’t mean that we can gather a bunch of them and take them there and make it work. The conditions have to be just right in order for that to work. We have to consider as to why they aren’t there. Were they there before? Is this area polluted? Was it just a bad year for these Bugs? There could be any number of reasons why these Green Drakes are not there.

There are a lot of considerations to be made and a lot of experimenting to be done.

Leave it to the Experts

This New Stocking Program MUST be left to the Experts. We don’t have the knowledge to do this.

New Stocking Program

It is probably illegal to do such a thing too. If we did this and got caught we would probably end up facing Big Fines, and maybe end up arrested too!!

No need for that because that would ruin our fishing time!!!

If you take it in, then take it out

The best thing we can do is be content with tying our own Flies and Streamers and to remember to take it out with us if we took it in. Let us leave it the way we found it and let the Experts do the rest!

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