New Zealand Trout … Fly Fishing Adventure

Fly Fishing

New Zealand Trout, now that is an adventure of a life time, Big Monster Brown Trout in a River that is found through Maps and Google Earth.

In this video by mikefsher you will see some amazing New Zealand Trout being caught by  Kresten Ovesen, on uncharted River territory!

This is a real adventure, Big Beautiful Brown Trout, Awesome scenery, these guys had really taken a chance and prevailed.

Kresten was sight fishing (with Mike’s help), starting out with Dry Flies and ending with Stoneflies, what a time they had had, camping over and continuing with fly fishing for the New Zealand Trout.

I am not sure about you but I think that these New Zealand Trout need to be added to my bucket list, I would love an adventure like this!!

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