Fly Fishing For Pacific Northwest Steelhead In Winter

Pacific Northwest Steelhead In Winter

Fly Fishing for Pacific Northwest Steelhead in the winter can be real challenging but also rewarding.

This Fly Fishing video is brought to us by with Todd Moen


As we all know Fly Fishing for Steelhead has no guarantee, and winter Steelies are no different. 

Fly Fishing for Pacific Northwest Steelhead in the Olympic Peninsula can be a real challenge.  Joining Todd in this video is Jack Mitchell and he is here to show us how it can be done. Jack has lived in the Pacific Northwest all of his life, he has been chasing Steelies for most of it.

Arduous Patience

“Arduous Patience” (according to Jack), is what it takes to catch Pacific Northwest Steelhead. Even though Jack has many years expertise in Fly Fishing for Steelies, it still took many hours on the river to land just one. Jack will also tell you that you need to focus and also need to be consistent in your casts. This is just part of it … you also need lots of patience and confidence, along with the right mindset.

The Pacific Northwest Steelhead are either moving or holding.

The best tip Jack could give for moving Steelies is to look for the headwaters and tailwaters. Another thing to remember is that if you hook into a Steelie and can’t land him, don’t beat yourself up. Congratulate yourself, it shows that you worked the water and found a Steelhead. This in itself is a job well done! As was said earlier, there is no guarantees when it comes to winter Steelhead Fly Fishing.

In this video you will see some fantastic footage of Fly Fishing and the scenery as only Todd can do. You should also pick up on many tips that Jack will share with us. Remember, you need confidence, patience, and the right mindset to be catching Pacific Northwest Steelhead in the winter.


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