Properly Landing a Fish on a Fly Rod

Properly Landing A Fish With A Fly Rod

Properly Landing a fish with a fly rod is not as hard as some people may think, if done correctly.

This Fly Fishing Tutorial is by Duane Redford and it is from his book “The Fly Fishers’ Playbook”.

Duane will give us several tips and techniques for Landing a Fish properly for good practice of Catch and Release

Duane is a guide, so he has a lot of experience with teaching someone how to do catch a fish. He guides on the South Platte River, he meets and teaches lots of people how to fish.

Duane say’s that you will use the same physics Landing a Fish as you do when you cast. This may sound a bit confusing but once you watch this video you will understand.

Once you hook up with a fish you need to get your rod tip up to have some tension. Then pay attention to what the fish is doing, get him on the reel as soon as possible. This is quite important in Landing a Fish, this way you can keep tension on the fish. If the fish darts in one direction you drop the rod tip and move it in the other direction. In other words if the fish “ZIGS” then you need to “ZAG”.

The rod is just an extension to your arm, try to use it all in fighting the fish. If you fight a fish properly then you should be Landing a Fish safely too.

A fish normally has 3 good runs in him, this is where you need to try to keep tension without tiring him out too terribly much. You need to tire him somewhat but not so much that you will kill him either.

This is a very good video on Landing a Fish the proper way. Always try to Land the fish in the water, not on the ground!

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