Reaper Midge Dry Fly Pattern

Reaper Midge Dry Fly Pattern For Winter Trout

The Reaper Midge is a wonderful winter Trout fly pattern, great for fly fishing in the tailwaters.

This Fly Tying Tutorial on the is brought to us by The Fly Fiend.

In the winter, there are not the mayfly hatches that we have during mid to late spring and summer. Therefore, this leaves us (and the Trout), with subsurface insects, this is where the Reaper Midge comes in handy.

The best sizes for these midges will be either a 16 or 18 nymph hook, because of the smaller size insects in the water.

There is quite a bit of flash to this Reaper Midge, starting with the Flashabou for the body.

However if you do not have flashabou then you can use a mylar tinsel or whatever flash material you have.

The flash does not stop at the body though, the wing is made out of a material called crystal flash. With a flash body and flashy wing, the Trout will really take notice, they just can not resist!

The Reaper Midge was tied in purple colors in this tutorial, however you can use many different colors.

This tiny fly is rather heavily hackled in the front making the top part of the fly sick out of the water. However, the back portion is below the water surface making it subsurface, which is another real attention grabber for Trout.

The Reaper Midge works great when fished through the current drifts, although may be a bit hard to follow. However with a little practice you will get the hang of it.

Something you really need to remember when fishing the tailwaters is that the Trout tend to be real spooky. Although the Reaper Midge is tiny, you still need to use smaller tippets and make accurate casts.

Good luck and Tight Lines my friends!!

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