Saltwater Quick Cast

Saltwater Quick Cast

Fly Fishing Basics

The Saltwater Quick Cast is another casting technique needed to shoot your line and fly quickly to the Saltwater Fish with very few false casts.

This Fly Casting Tutorial is by with Captain Joel Dickey demonstrating.

This Saltwater Quick Cast was designed because the Saltwater Fish are constantly on the move, therefore you need to make a good presentation of the Fly with as few false casts as possible.

The equipment needed such as a good  weight forward Saltwater Fly Line, and a moderately fast to fast action Fly Rod is very helpful when achieving the Saltwater Quick Cast.

Joel explains that you need to start with at least 10 to 15 foot of fly line outside of the rod tip in order to get the proper load on the fly rod, which is definitely needed to accomplish the Saltwater Quick Cast. Now this is Fly Line that Joel is talking about being outside the rod tip, not just the leader and tippet.

There is something else Joel mentions in order to do the Saltwater Quick Cast, you will need to be proficient with a technique called the Double Haul, if you can not do the Double Haul, then you will not have enough line speed (which line speed is needed to increase the loading of the rod).

The Double Haul will also help you shoot the line effectively in both the forward cast and the back cast as well. Joel will show us how to do a effective back cast, which in turn will help improve the Saltwater Quick Cast.

If you are interested in Fly Fishing for Tarpon, Bonefish, and Permit then the Saltwater Quick Cast is something that you are probably going to want to learn, and that is mainly because the Saltwater Fish are always on the move.

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