Scandi Fly Pattern For Steelhead

Scandi Fly Pattern For Steelhead

This Scandi Fly Pattern, a tube fly that works well on Pacific Northwest Steelhead, although it’s an Atlantic Salmon Fly.

This Fly Tying Tutorial is by and NW Outfitters with Jason Osborn demonstrating.

This Scandi Fly Pattern is quite time consuming, there are quite a few steps involved. This is definitely not a fly you want to loose too often and is a pattern for a experienced tyer.

There are several different materials used in this hair wing style fly pattern.  You can make the hair wing in just one color or you can layer different colors, it is your choice.

The Scandi Fly Pattern is a tube fly that uses 2 different tube sizes. The reason for this is to add a bullet weight so that the fly will sink fast. Not only does this Scandi Fly sink fast, but it casts well and swims like a charm.

This Fly is claimed to work very well in the Pacific Northwest on both Atlantic Salmon and Steelhead alike. I honestly think it would work well here in the Northeast too. Jason is tying this one in red, apparently that is a good color for his area. Here in NY we may have to try it in blue or pink, maybe even in a bright green color.

There’s a step in this Scandi Fly that requires that you be extremely careful, so you don’t cut the tube. You need to use a razor blade to cut the layers of hair real close to the thread wraps. This needs to be done carefully, if you cut the tube you will have to start all over again.

If you really enjoy fishing for Steelhead then this Scandi Fly Pattern is just what you need to have.

Make sure you carry a few different colors of this Scandi Fly with you to have an advantage over everyone else!

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