Slim Beauty Knot Tying Tutorial

Slim Beauty Knot Tying Tutorial

Fly Fishing Basics

Slim Beauty Knot is the answer to the question … “How do I connect 2 different¬†Fish Line sizes together?”

This Knot Tying Tutorial is done by, who had also tested this Fishing Knot for strength.

This Slim Beauty Knot is not only good for connecting different sizes but it is also a great Fishing Knot for connecting different composite materials.

I believe this Fishing Knot is much easier to tie than lets say the Nail Knot and it doesn’t require any extra equipment other than your fingers.

I am not so sure about you, but it had happened to me a few times where I need to change my Leader (or Tippet) an I had to cut off the loop on my Fly Line, well this Fishing Knot is just the ticket, not only is it easy to tie but it is rather neat looking and not to mention strong!

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