Spider Hitch Fishing Knot Tying Instructions

Spider Hitch Fishing Knot Tying Instructions

Fly Fishing Basics

Spider Hitch Fishing Knot this is a good tight knot that is almost as rugged as Bimini Twist but much easier to tie.

This tutorial is by www.InTheRifle.com, it is demonstrated very good, using a colored line making it easier to follow.

The Spider Hitch Fishing Knot is a good knot to use for connecting your tippet to the leader,and it forms a pretty large loop.

You will need to have some sort of needle shaped instrument with you (a crochet hook was used in this video) to complete this fishing knot.

There are many different fishing knots that used when Fly Fishing (or any kind of Fishing for that matter), some are easier than others, and this knot is one of the easiest to tie.

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