Spinning Hair A Problem At The Vise?

Spinning Hair A Problem At The Vise?

Are you having Bad Hair Day’s at the vise?

If this is you then you are not alone, many Fly Tyers have the same problem. Is Spinning Hair really frustrating for you? Let me tell you it has been for me too. To be honest with you, I had been so frustrated that I had turned to foam. I had found out that turning to foam is not the answer. Foam does work great for some areas and some fish, but in my opinion Spun Hair always looks better. Especially when you have the right materials.

Spinning Hair never discriminates

Bad Hair Day’s happen to all of us, novice and experienced fly tyers alike. Using Deer Hair for Spinning can really be tough at times, thread size has a lot to do with it. Using Deer Hair for spinning requires a good amount of pressure, which means using heavier thread.

Spinning Hair A Problem At The Vise?
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Of course, as I am sure you know, heavier thread usually means larger flies.

So what happens when you want to tie a smaller muddler (for example)?

As we all know, there are several different muddler patterns, sizes, and even colors. Problem is … if you use Deer Hair with lighter thread, you can not use enough tension to spin the hair. Guess what? Now we have a bad hair day!!

I am here to tell you that there is a solution to this problem!!

 Spinning Hair A Problem At The Vise?
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That smaller muddler pattern that you had been wanting to tie up and try on trout can now be done! The miracle ingredient is Caribou, or even Antelope. This Caribou, or Antelope hair can be tied on with lighter thread, and it spins so much easier. The good news is that it will work on larger patterns too.

Durability of Caribou or Antelope Hair

There is a drawback to using Caribou or Antelope and that is the durability. Deer Hair is tougher so it will hold up longer to the fishes teeth.

Another advantage to using Caribou or Antelope Hair

Other than putting a stop to bad hair days, it does spin much easier and quicker. In the time it would take you to tie 4 flies with Deer Hair, you could have 5 or maybe even 6 with Caribou or Antelope Hair. Needless to say, since the Caribou or Antelope hair is easier to work with, it helps keep frustration to a minimum. Allowing the novice fly tier to spin much nicer flared heads.

I ask you … Deer Hair and Bad Hair Days or Caribou/Antelope for nicely spun heads? I think the answer to that question is a no brainer! Get yourself some Caribou or Antelope and start tying some great looking flies!

Spinning Hair A Problem At The Vise?
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